Monday, January 27, 2014

Baroque curlicues, tree, crows, and more

To many people tattoos are permanent souvenirs – of loved ones, memories, life-defining events, admired celebrities or artists, religious beliefs – but to me they are decoration. My tattoos have no meaning. Baroque curlicues work up one arm and spill into a tree form with crows flying outwards. Most recently I have added a destination for the crows with a sailor’s compass on my upper shoulder and an arrangement of antique cogs and English ivy flowing down my left arm.

For an art historian it is intriguing to offer yourself as a canvas. And I have a great artist in Amy Black of Trademark Tattoo in Richmond, VA. Richmond is one of the most tattooed cities in America and tattoo is as much a part of our visual culture here as the great works of art in the museum.

Robin Nicholson
Deputy Director for Art and Education
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts 

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