Tuesday, January 21, 2014


 I'm just glad I didn't get the Lego spaceman tattoo instead of this one. 

It was a spontaneous decision to get my tattoo. I was having a great day visiting Venice Beach about 13 years ago on my birthday. I just walked in to Tattoo Asylum and happened to get right in with no waiting with a famous artist named SWAG. I had to come up with a design quick. I drew this little mandala in about 3 minutes based on a lotus flower. 

Each seed pod representing the 5 elements. I wanted something that could change meaning over time as I change. When I meditate I sometimes use the "hole" in the center of the mandala as a portal or entry point to journey Fantastic Voyage style into my body to do some diagnostics for health and well-being. These journeys also give me ideas for paintings.

Bill Dambrova
Freelance Exhibition Designer/Artist based in Phoenix AZ

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