Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wolverine (and love)

Given what the tattoo on my upper arm looks like (the comic book and movie character Wolverine) you might not suspect this is a story about love.

When I was working at the Austin Children's Museum my then girlfriend (now wife) Lisa gave me a birthday gift of a tattoo by an artist who traveled up to Austin from San Antonio only once a month to do special "tattoo appointments."  (Sorry, but I have absolutely no recollection of the tattoo artist's name ...)

I chose the character Wolverine not only because he is a super-cool bad ass, but also because I got my undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan --- home of the "Wolverines".  The U of M school colors also match those of Wolverine's old-school uniform on the tattoo.

So this tattoo has a bunch of different meanings to me.  But ultimately, it reminds me of my younger self, and falling in love with the person I married.

Paul Orselli
President and Chief Instigator
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