Friday, August 29, 2014

Jolly Roger and Family Crest

Both tattoos were done by Josh Garcia of Anchor's End. The first one (with the dragon and masks) is an original design from me, drawn by a friend and modified by Josh. It's supposed to be my own Jolly Roger. Beginning in high school, I became obsessed with pirates (about the same time I became obsessed with studying history) and like any good pirate, I wanted a Jolly Roger that represented me. The masks replace the traditional skull and show my love of acting. The crossed katana and long sword replace the traditional crossed sabers and show my interest in swords, as well as an interest in history of many cultures. The rose represents the importance of love to me. The dragon represents my love of dragons and mythology in general and crest as a whole represents my interest in pirates and symbolism.

The second tattoo comes from "The House of Names" and is what I believe to be my family crest. It shows the pride I have in my family name, as well as my interest in history as well. My paternal side did not keep any records so I took it upon myself to research that side. At first this research was to only find the crest (again, because of pride for my name). In doing so, I've been able to compile a broad family history and understand and share my heritage. Getting this tattoo done wasn't only an accomplishment because I'd wanted it the longest but because I had to work to find my family's background.

Ben Peters

Split Rock Lighthouse

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