Thursday, February 6, 2014

Uffington White Horse

This is my tattoo of the Uffington White Horse. I've always loved horses, am an Anglophile, and it also (very) loosely of ties into my love of Fleetwood Mac (Some think that the horse is a representation of the Celtic goddess Epona, whose counterpart in Britain is Rhiannon. Whose name is used in Stevie Nicks' song, but Stevie's Rhiannon is a witch). 

Anyway. I had always wanted a tattoo, and was actually the last in my family to get ink done. I had moved from Virginia to take a job in Florida to move up from Collections Management Assistant at a well-known historic site to become the full-on registrar. It was my career goal, but after one year was afforded the opportunity to move back home. So, with a heavy heart I gave my boss at the Florida Holocaust Museum my notice. She, her husband, and another FHM colleague took me out to dinner on my last weekend in St. Pete. At dinner, I (half) jokingly said we should go get tattoos, and the three of them actually took me to get my first! It is a forever reminder of the wonderful time I had down there, and what an awesome boss/friend I had! I assured my current boss that she does not have to go get a tattoo with me :)

Kathryn M. Blackwell
Colvin Run Mill Historic Site

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